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We are a premium digital archiving and storage company that is focused on meeting individual needs by first meeting with the client to discern their specific requirements and what will help meet their archiving and storage goals. Once a plan is established for a client based on individual needs, our foundation is in our innovative RFDI system to upload clothing and accessories utilizing basic categories as well as any customized categories that meet the clients needs. The RFID sewn-in tagging system negates the
need for excessive hardware should the client decide to store items in their own facilities, which is great.


  • Secure data center with data backups to ensure never losing any data
  • User access allowing members of your team to access and make requests depending on their privileges
  • Organize each item with categorical tags for easy access and search
  • Location history to help track items
  • Custom additional fields for item recognition
  • Professional photography of items to view properly via your computer or mobile device.
  • Private, secure, climate controlled space in Los Angeles and Nashville to keep your pieces safe while in our care. We utilize innovative processes to store items for the longevity and preservation of the item.
  • Although we can digitize items for you while stored with you or in your own facility, Items stored in our secure facility can be moved by interacting with the piece on your computer or mobile app.
  • Additionally we can offer rental of pieces as well as sales of pieces through The Real Real for a passive source of income.